2023 Research Vehicle

Top view of a the 3D Albatross model

Optimized Hull

Goal: a fast and maneuverable submarine
Solution: compact, lightweight vehicle hull
Implementation: serving as a research platform for controls, perception, and sensor fusion work, Albatross is designed with symmetry, maneuverability, and maintenance in mind. Weighing in at 32lbs in air, Albatross' plastic-machined hull exhibits nearly full symmetry. In addition, Albatross is equipped with 8 marine thrusters guaranteeing full 6-DoF control authority for fast and dynamic movement.

Isometric view of the Power board

SHARED Electrical Stack

Goal: shared electrical stack between TAUV vehicles
Solution: identical mounting and electrical environments in Kingfisher and Albatross
Implementation: Albatross’ electrical stack was designed to match that of Kingfisher’s and uses the same battery, power distribution boards, thruster drivers, and computer. By replicating the electrical stacks between the two vehicles, any improvements made to one can easily be applied to the other, parts can be transplanted in the event of damage, and our team only needs to maintain one set of spare components.


  • Compute: Nvidia AGX Xavier
  • IMU: Movella MTi-300 IMU
  • DVL:  None
  • Cameras: 1x Luxonis Oak-D S2 Stereo Camera
  • Hydrophones: 4x Sparton PHOD-1 Hydrophones
  • Propulsion: 8x Blue Robotics T200 Thrusters + Basic ESCs
  • Motor Control: Polulu Mini Maestro 12 Channel Servo Driver
  • Actuation: None