Each year, TartanAUV works on either developing a new robot from scratch or continues the development of more advanced capabilities for our existing submarines. We manufacture and design parts in-house and test our software both in simulation and in the water to iteratively develop capable systems.


3D rendering of Kingfisher


Designed in 2020, Kingfisher is fabricated from water-jet and 5-axis CNC machined aluminum, welded steel, and acrylic tubing. Kingfisher was designed with the ability to complete all RoboSub competition tasks, equipped with a full navigation and mapping sensor stack.

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3D rendering of Albatross


Designed in 2023, Albatross is fabricated from CNC machined plastics and acrylic tubing. Albatross is meant to double as a research platform for future controls and sensor fusion work while completing simpler RoboSub competition tasks alongside Kingfisher.

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