RoboSub @ Carnegie Mellon


TartanAUV is the Carnegie Mellon University's RoboSub competition team: we build robot submarines. Founded in 2018, TAUV has become a nationally-ranked underwater robotics team tackling challenges in autonomy and design. Our team is comprised primarily of undergraduate mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science students who dedicate time towards experiential learning in a competitive environment.

While competitive success is certainly a motivator, our team is primarily interested in addressing unsolved or unique challenges in robotics.
- Sarah Fisher | Computer Science

In addition, our efforts go beyond the workshop and classroom. Being students at Carnegie Mellon University means we are always looking to shape and improve our community.

We engage with the local Pittsburgh community by volunteering with high school students on FIRST robotics teams near campus. We've enjoyed the rewarding experience of helping younger students get exposed to hands-on, fun engineering problems and it's a great way to extend our resources to other ambitious students.
- Cole Herber | Mechanical Engineering


3D Rendering of Kingfisher


Kingfisher is TartanAUV's flagship AUV. Equipped with a full sensor suite, Kingfisher is capable of autonomous navigation, environment mapping, object manipulation, and acoustic localization and communication.

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3D rendering of Albatross


Albatross is TartanAUV's research vehicle and secondary competition AUV. With a small footprint yet advanced electronics stack, Albatross is a swift navigator and a test bench for advanced controls and sensor fusion work.

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