New Power Board

June 20, 2023
Rev B of the Regulated Power Board.

New V12Po Regulator Circuit

The first rev's PMIC has been extremely problematic and issues are still ongoing. The plan is to swap over to a chip from Vicor which has no external mosfet requirements. While the peak output current is not capable of meeting our requirements on its own, the chip can be placed in parallel operation to improve current capacity. This will also help reduce BOM cost and simplicity as one circuit can be DNP'd in the event we do not need the full current capacity.

Quality of Life Upgrades

We are sticking with an Arduino for our onboard microprocessor until the basic layout and features are met. To improve the I/O available, analog multiplexers are being used for sense lines to connect 8 inputs to one pin. Other improvements include jumpers to easily toggle power on and off for the board without the need for external hardware like the key or thruster kill switch. Finally, the silkscreen is being modified to make readability and debugging easier.

Rev A power board. Custom PCBs assembly sponsored by PCBWay.